We are creating leaders in technology and management. Together we can help to develop your people, technology, services and products to meet your needs.

A distinctive combination

Everything we do is concentrated on technology and management and our insight is rooted in our powerful industry links, world-class research and what really works in practice.

We can make a real difference to you and your organisation, whether you are a multi-national company, a growing SME or a small start-up. With our world-leading Management School and global expertise across our specialist technical themes of 航空航天, 农业食品, 国防与安全, 能源及电力, 环境与农业食品, 制造业, 及运输系统, we can deliver tailored project options, customised executive education, 接触威尼斯注册网的专家, related funding opportunities and our leading technological and learning facilities.

Find out why we are the university of choice for businesses worldwide. Our dedicated teams will work with you to make the right connections, construct a joint research bid, form new strategic partnerships, develop your people and transform ideas and innovations into real-life application.

If you want to work with a university with a distinctive combination of technology and management, get in touch with our dedicated teams:


是否有你的小, immediate challenge to overcome or need a long-term business growth strategy, we can help to facilitate responsive and productive initial and follow-on interactions.

研究 and Innovation Office

If you are looking to test a new idea or try a novel approach in your industry, the 研究 and Innovation Office co-ordinate key strategic research partnerships with both public and private sector corporate clients.